• campaigns and communications for environmental and social change

    consultancy services offered by Justin Woolford and The Change Co.





    School children help complete a giant cod sculpture made from old EU fisheries reports in WWF's fisheries campaign

  • Our Approach

    combining three ingredients for change



    establishing what you want to change and why, and setting clear objectives



    conducting power and issue analysis, understanding how change can happen, and formulating strategy



    creating instrumental communication and giving people agency to drive change





    British Youth Council members visit Parliament in The Co-operative's Votes at 16 campaign

  • Our Services

    making your communications and campaigns more effective

    Strategy & Planning

    strategy development, power analysis and issue mapping, goal and objective setting, activity planning

    Co-ordination & Delivery

    campaigns and communications co-ordination, delivery and project management


    group work, meeting planning, preparation and facilitation, creative idea development



    articles, blogs, opinion pieces, press releases, position papers, message development, editing and proofing






    WI members lobby MEPs in Brussels for safer chemicals in WWF UK's Safer Chemicals campaign

  • Some of Our Projects

    Our clients include WWF, The Co-operative, MAVA Foundation, The Global Ocean Commission, Bristol Green Capital, and Transition Montpelier.

    Partnership, Advocacy & Market Transformation

    for WWF

    Leading communications and advocacy for WWF's global partnership with IKEA, and supporting its global Market Transformation Initiative and broader business engagement with WWF International.

    Mission Ocean

    for the Global Ocean Commission

    Strategic communications for the Global Ocean Commission, an independent international commission on ocean governance, working with partners Brand Union and Communications Inc to deliver the Commission's final report, together with a change.org global petition and a call on government, business and civil society to join Mission Ocean.

    Stop Bankrupting Our Oceans

    for WWF

    Co-ordinating innovative European campaign for WWF on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. Working with partners and other NGOs to galvanise action on overfishing and help reframe the debate on the fisheries crisis. Lots of online activity – see Stop Bankrupting Our Oceans, Paint A Fish, All Aboard! and read all about it here.


    "When WWF started its European-wide campaign on the Common Fisheries Policy in 2012, the challenge was to moderate campaign strategy and bring together activities across six different offices. Impressively, Justin coordinated the team with heart and soul, kept our feet on the ground, and helped us realise and deliver good ideas and plans.”

    Daniel Goliasch, WWF Germany

    Sustainable Economy

    for the MAVA Foundation

    Strategic research and development for the MAVA Foundation informing the creation of a brand new programme on consumption and sustainable economy.

    "Justin was a great help to us in developing our thinking on a new sustainable economy programme. He kick-started the process with an insightful scoping exercise and accompanied us through various steps in shaping what is now a successful new programme in our portfolio."

    Lynda Mansson, Director General, MAVA Foundation

    Frack Free Future

    for The Co-operative

    Designing and helping deliver part of a major climate change campaign for The Co-operative exposing the risks of shale gas exploitation, engaging UK communities in frack free campaigning and promoting community renewable energy through a civil society alliance in collaboration with Forum for the Future.

    Conservation Stories

    for the MAVA Foundation

    Researching and writing inspiring conservation stories and related content for the MAVA Foundation's summary annual reviews - enjoy the latest set of stories here!

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    WWF UK blood tests whole families looking for inter-generational chemical contamination

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